I’ve spent most of my life searching for beautiful, spontaneous moments.  Initially, while in college in Colorado, I was immediately drawn to nature photography which contributed a great deal to my interest in becoming a high school science teacher.  After moving east and spending many summers at the shore, I became especially enamored with wild birds.  To me, birds are one of nature’s most diverse free spirits.  Not only do they bless us with their beauty, they also spend much of their lives providing life’s subtly beautiful background music which is offered freely to all without any expectations.

Birds are not easy to photograph, so my obsession in capturing these adorable flighty subjects allowed me to take my photography skills to an entirely new level.  I began experimenting with equipment and lighting while training with the area’s most accomplished photographers.  My success in capturing these images led me to open a children’s clothing line, Chirp, which was inspired by my photographs.

Throughout this process, I also became a mother.  While I thought bird photography was challenging, capturing frameable pictures of two wild boys proved to be the real challenge!  After a great deal of trial and error and a tremendous amount of patience, experimentation and training, I began to find the perfect mix of putting my subjects at ease and capturing the “wow” images I had been searching for.  

I was encouraged to share my talent, and hence Amanda Slattery Photography was formed.  When I look back at my life experiences as a teacher, student, mother and nature photographer, this is literally the perfect space for me.  I am so grateful to spend my days doing what I love most, capturing beautiful spontaneous moments and celebrating the life that surrounds us every day.


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